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 We stopped breeding



Litter Born

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New in our  cattery

 October 2019

Katzwijm's Bini

Oriental Shorthair Ebony


May 1  2017

New Litter born Click here


Februari 23 2015

We have a new litter. Click here


28 July 2013

We welcome our new girl, Dazzling Blue Markies de Carabbas. Siamese Blue Tabby Ticked


7 Februari 2011

Our dear boy Basil past away from kidney failure...We can not discribe the pain in our heart...........


3 December 2010

Sasha became an infection and lost her litter due November 30 2010.We are very happy that she will recover completely and we will try to mate her again in Januari 2011. Click here for her plans

17 June 2010

Today we had to say goodbye to our dear girl LinLin.We knew she would not reach an old age,but this makes it not less painfull..

17 March 2010

We recieved a videoclip from Daisy van Release, who will be 10 years old coming April.Thank you so much Erna!!

1 Januari 2010

We changed our catclub.Reason of changing can be found here.


18 September 2009

New page with route planner to our home and satellite picture