Affirmative of purchase and conditions


The undersigned:








hereinafter referred to as : seller






postal code en recidense





hereinafter referred to as : buyer,




the seller in property belonging kitten, born      ,





Pedigree: SNVK












Pedigree: SNVK




offers for sale




that buyer intends to buy the aforementioned kitten


hereby declare as follows agreed to be:



Through a deposit 100,- purchaser has confirmed his intention to buy.  

The sale is final only after the seller has delivered above mentioned kitten personally at the address of the buyer and buyer has transferred  the remaining amount of ....


The transfer will take place at an age of 13/14 weeks  and/or one week after a catshow.

In case of  moving abroad, kitten will be transferred at the age of 16/17 weeks

This may be waived if a kitten has a vaccination and / or show reaction and for that reason  has to remain longer with the seller.

Seller reserves after signing this agreement the right for whatever reason to abandon the sale. The deposit 100,--will be refunded .

If buyer after signing this agreement to refrain from the sale ,there will be no deposit refund , except in special circumstances, in good accord to be determined.

Seller shall ensure that the kitten during the transfer is in good health with all the necessary vaccinations made by a qualified veterinarian . Vaccinations must be recorded in a EU animal passport.

When kitten will be transferred to the buyer, the name of the buyer alleged ownership, pedigree , vaccination record and chip information will be transferred . If the pedigree  is still in demand, it will follow as quickly as possible by postal mail.

Buyer commits itself to the conditions, as listed in the annex attached to this agreement, which is explicitly part of this agreement, to strictly observe. In case of failing  any claim of the buyer of a warranty expires  and seller has the right to take the kitten (the cat)  back  in property.

In the event of the death of seller , all his rights and obligations arising from this agreement, will be transferred on his legal heirs..

At this agreement applies the Dutch law.

If disputes arising from this agreement and can not be settled , it will be presented , reviewed and resolute by the competent court in Utrecht Holland

Thus in duplicate and signed at       :  day/month/year




Seller                                                                                                       Buyer




 belonging to the agreement between ......... (seller) and          (buyer) concerning the kitten:

Buyer is obliged:


1.Vaccinate the kitten ( the cat) as mentioned in the international vaccination protocol.

2. Feed the kitten  (the cat) properly with qualified food for cats

3.To clean and disinfect the litter box regularly.

4. Not to leave the kitten (the cat) days alone without any other animal companion. Oriental cats are very social. Preferably, this companion  has to be another cat, but a dog is also an option.

5.To provide for regular human contact and attention

6. Because of the risk of diseases and accidents it's not allowed to leave the kitten ( the cat) loose  around outside, except in a properly screened garden or a balcony

7.It is not allowed to sell or donate the kitten ( the cat) without the knowledge and consent of the seller,  in violation of which the seller has the right to return the kitten (the cat) in property without requiring refund of the purchase amount.

8.To inform the seller immediately  if the kitten (the cat) is seriously ill, the seller has the right to take the  kitten (the cat) temporarily under his care for the duration of the disease .

9.To ensure that any holders, in the event of the death of the buyer,  will  notify seller in connection with the provision in paragraph 7.

10.It is not allowed to breed with the kitten without the knowledge and consent of the seller  in violation of which, the seller has the right to take back the kitten (the cat) in property without  refund of the purchase amount.

11.To provide the kitten (the cat) both mentally and physically  optimal care

Health statement  and warranty

 belonging to the agreement between .............. (seller) and          (buyer) concerning the kitten:


Seller hereby declares that in the agreement mentioned kitten during transfer to the buyer to its best knowledge is fully healthy, free of any diseases, parasites and / or skin diseases

Buyer declares that he has verified the  in the agreement mentioned kitten and found it healthy.

In order to validate the guarantee after transfer, the buyer has to bring the kitten within 48 hours to his vetinairy surgeon for health checkup. If he finds the kitten in poor condition and / or in sick sick state, the buyer shall immediately, at the latest within 48 hours with a written statement of the  vet inform the seller. The kitten will be taken back in property of seller  and the full purchase amount ...,-- will be refunded.

If the buyer instead prefers an equivalent replacing kitten , possibly from a future litter, then this is possible in consult with Cattery Release.

If the kitten (the cat) as a result of a congenital anomaly or hidden defect during the first two years of his life dies or has to be euthanized, seller will refund  40% of the purchase amount  or deliver an equivalent kitten, possibly from a future litter in consultation with Cattery

A congenital anomaly must be approved and demonstrated by at least two veterinarians or autopsy/section.  

All rights of the buyer forfeited if the kitten (the cat) is not anymore available for research or section/autopsy.

Vaccinations against FIP and / or  FELV will excluded all warranty claims .

All expenses  of buyer in the above mentioned situations are on his behalf. The seller can never be held responsible.

The buyer is at all times obliged  to inform  the seller  kittens death (the cat)  , even if he can not or does not want to claim guarantee.