Our name is  Paul & Marjan Kort  We have been breeding Siamese and Oriental cats since 1992 , in all kinds of  colors ,in tabby's and non tabby's, with and/ or without silver and white.

We stopped breeding since 2019.

 All our cats and kittens are kept  and raised  free in our house and garden.


Read the latest update about the recognition of the Siamese/Balinese with white





How it all started:

In 1990 our oldest daughter came home with a Lilac Point Siamese called Kincora's Daisy. Our first reaction was that she must have been sick because she was so skinny and slim with bat ears. Ofcourse,we only knew the European shorthair cats and they are always round and big.. But in a very short time we got attached to her perfect character and we fell in love with her typy building..Ofcourse we wanted a second Siamese and wouldn't it be great to have a litter Siamese kittens? So,we register at a cat club and were thinking about a cattery name. Why Release,you might ask yourself. Well,in that time there was a musical playing in the local theater and this musical told the story about the bad policy in the child protection centers here in Holland. This story upsetted us a lot and we thought the name of this musical would be great for our cattery.  And so Cattery Release was born......



Since that time many Release kittens were born . We met a lot of nice people , breeders and fans of the breed. Ofcourse, like all breeders we also had bad experiences but that 's life. Hopefully we will be able to breed for a long time this lovely breed and make many people happy with them .....




When asked we help new comers in the cat breeders world. Helping each other to keep this lovely breed healthy and strong is a goal that every breeder should wish for..




Balinese and Oriental Longhair ( Mandarins)

The  Balinese and Oriental Longhair  ( Also known as Mandarins) is not so famous as the Siamese/Oriental Shorthair . Unfortunately, we must say, because they deserve it so much to be known. It's a lovely breed and they do not need intensive maintance at all . Somehow the story came in to the world that Balinese/Oriental Longhair cats,need a lot of maintance because of the coat. Well,this is a misunderstanding .A Balinese/Oriental Longhair is identical in character and building with the Siamese/oriental longhair. The only difference is the coat, wich is semi long. Have a look at our gallery page . There you can see BB, a Balinese girl and Lucca, a Oriental Longhair boy.  Gallery Page



  Foreign White Siamese and Oriental White

 The Foreign White Siamese is  one of the many  lovely colors who appear in the Siamese nowadays, just like the Oriental Shorthair White .The difference between Siamese and Oriental Shorthair is often the eye color, with or without the head spot. We have  a Foreign White boy ( neutered) Because cats with a mainly with coat have an increased chance of deafness, we test all our white kittens on deafness, before they go to their new owners  . Information about this test can be found at:

Hearing Test.




The Siamese with white (Seychellois)

Read the latest update about the recognition of the Siamese/Balinese with white

The Siamese with white is not accepted as a breed yet in some cat clubs here in Holland. We believe that this is very wrong and we are fighting to get this changed.. But we do need help with this fight from other Dutch breeders. More information about this subject can be found here.




Information about the Oriental cat in all their colors can be found  at the breed info page . Unfortunately ,  this page is not yet ready in English, but hopefully soon it will be. 





We do attend shows now and then..mostly in Holland but also in Belgium,Germany and France. We have a page with pictures and video's from various shows






We work together with some well known cattery's.

You can find them on our   cattery links page.



  Our cats are free in our house and garden. Cats in cages or in separation we detest. Also the kittens are born and raised in freedom. This way they can get used to all the sounds who are normal in a household. We believe that separation of litters will create scared and nervous cats. The garden has an electric fence ( low voltage) This way we can keep them inside and foreign cats outside.. 





Photo Editing

All pictures on this website have been edited by Marjan Kort.

We hope you enjoyed your visit to our website and hopefully you will come back soon. This website will be updated almost every day.