Hearing test




Our white cats are tested on their hearing.

Deafness research.

  • On request of an owner , who  suspects that his or her cat is on one or both ears  deaf . 
  • On request of a breeder or breed club. 
  •   Particular cats  have an increased chance on inborn deafness. These are pure bred cats with a mainly white coat.

What restrains the investigation?
Because deafness can have different causes , the investigation will contain two parts. 

First of all  the hearing courses and the eardrum will be thoroughly inspected with an otoscoop . to close  out that the possible deafness causes becomes through a very dirty and/or lit hearing course or a broken eardrum. 

After that is tested with special equipment the hearing nervous system, the so-called Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response examine (BAER-investigation).. To close out Disturbance on the equipment   the animal gets before a small fuddle, the investigation self is painless. The results of the test will be documented in an official investigation report "Cochleaire deafness".

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Brainstem Auditory Evoked Responses (BAER or ABR) 



On this page you will see some pictures of our kittens during the investigation.



This is Basil van Release.


This is Blanche van Release .