On this page you can find cats ( males and females) who are in our breeding linesThey don't live with us ( anymore) but are rehomed in loving and permanent homes, after being neutered, under the same conditions as our kittens

Sometimes we have to rehome  our adult cats because there can be some problems among the cats, or because we have to many and we can't give all of them enough attention, what they  deserve and need so much.

It's not easy to rehome our cats,but the well being of the cat is more important then our feelings.

Below are also some cats who are available from other cattery's and or friends.


Available to be rehomed


There are  some adult cats available to be rehomed at

Cattery Kirazamber



Lelystad Holland

Tel:(31) (0)320-230659


Rehomed from our Cattery

Click on the pictures for information about these girls and boys

The Girls



Kirazamber's Bagatelle

Oriental Shorthair Choc-tabby Spotted.


Charmaine van San Ferry Ann

Siamese Foreign White.

Bundook Ballroom Blitz

Balinese Lilac Smoke Point

inport UK

CH.Byoux van Release

Siamese Blue Tortie Point

Beau van Release

Siamese Seal Tortie Point

Mehdi van Release

Oriental Shorthair Lavender


FeiLin van Release

Oriental Shorthair Black/White



Kirazamber's D'Light van Release

Oriental Shorthair White

Odd Eyed

Kitten page

BiYu van Release

Oriental Shorthair  (V) white Odd Eyed







The boys



CH.Ramses van Release

Oriental Shorthair Ebony



Lucca van Release

Oriental Longhair Fawn Silver Tabby Ticked



Ying van Release

Oriental Shorthair Variant White



Narayana van Release


Siamese Seal Point