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CAC status for the Siamese / Balinese with white 

Mei Li van Release Siamees Seal Point met wit


Photo editing: Nanda Alstede

Update January 2010


On January 2010 we had to say goodbye to our Dutch cat club the NVvK,  where we have been breeder member since many years.. Unfortunately the NVvK can not give pedigree's anymore on litters containing Siamese/Balinese with white because the FNK  has forbidden all Siamese/Balinese with white. ( Update 3-11-2009). Also other Dutch cat clubs who are member of the FNK , can not give pedigree's with the same reason. Therefore we had to move to a cat club abroad  The BKV 97 ( Belgium)

However, we will not give up our fight!! The Siamese/Balinese has the same right for pedigree's as all other  pure bred cat breeds.

Hopefully, soon the FNK board will give up their old fashion and stupid attitude and will give us ,breeders, the right on pedigree's for Siamese/Balinese with white!

Update 03-11-2009


As mentioned on the FNK-site (press release September 2009, only in Dutch) it will not be possible anymore to receive pedigree's for kittens born after December 1 2009.

Before, only the Dutch NVVK cat club gave official pedigree's. The other 9 independent cat clubs  had a breed prohibition on the pedigree's of Siamese /Balinese with white.

There is also a prohibition on breeding with the combination OSH Bicolorx Point. Kittens from this combination will not receive any papers!!!

It seems to us very strange that in the long series of press releases nothing from the above prohibitions can be found.


  1. Breeders who are expecting or intending to breed  Siamese/Balinese with white must be aware of the above mentioned prohibitions.

    Monique van Eijk ( pedigree official NVvK) is claiming a written explanation from the FNK  about the following:

  • Why all members of the FNK voted against the recognition ( except the NVvK) and we were not told official. Our application has been then also written official.

  •  Monique van Eijk will do the request by means of her own cat club ( NVvK) at the next FNK meeting (1e trimester 2009)

  • In short: The FNK is NOT following the major international organizations (TICA,CFA, FIFe, LOOF and recent also the CCCF) who recognized the Siamese/Balinese with white, in spite of their own rules.

  • Unfortunatly,it seems impossible to get recognition of this color in the Siamese/Balinese in the near future at the independent cat clubs..

  • This leaves us a few possibilities:

    1. Not to breed Siamese/Balinese with white anymore and/or accept a breeding prohibitions.
    2. Change cat club in a foreign country or FIFe cat club. Be aware that other cat clubs can have different rules or  prohibitions.

    If you have any questions or advice we would love to hear them .
    Maybe more news in the New Year!!!


    Sylvia van der Sman
    Shirley Leenders
    Marjan Kort



Photo editing: Nanda Alstede


We are asking all breeders, or those who are intending to breed the Siamese/Balinese with white  ( seychellois) to join us in a recognition show.


Unfortunatly some independant catclubs do not recognize the siamese/Balinese with white and forbid their members to breed with them  .

In our opinion it's time to change that and follow the Fifé to regognize this lovely colour  .  

We are looking for breeders who are member of a independant catclub connected with the FNK and who are willing to join with us a recognition show.

Also non breeders can reply because we need as much Siamese /Balinese as possible for the recognition show.

Do you own a siamese with white or are you expecting or planning a litter please give your name and email adress to:


 Sylvia v/d Sman


Tel:  31-(0)79-3166676/ 06-44170155


 Marjan Kort


Tel:  31-(0)320-845046/ 06-25012388


Update 10-02-2008

The number of participating breeders are sufficient and the authorisation application has been send to the FNK. 

Ofcourse it's still possible for breeder/owners  to submit their support . On this page all updates will be mentioned.


With your support we will get the siamese with white recognized as they should be. 

Show status for the Siamese / Balinese with white